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Azure Chapter 14

Title: Azure  (Sequel to my Destiny One-shot)  Chapter 14 (of 19): A matter of love
Pairing: TakkiRyo, Pin, Sakumoto, Kimura/OC
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: AU, angst, romance, fantasy
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: It's a dark night when Yamapi meets him: Jin, a mysterious guy lying on the street, unconscious. But who is this guy he carries home? What is he? What's the secret behind his being? After one night he is gone...and Yamapi is left alone with all his questions. Born as a Hunter, Pi shouldn't question his life... but he can't help it. He has always been different... He takes the risk and leaves for a journey which might not have an end.
Meanwhile Jin struggles for his own destiny... together with his brother Ryo and his friend Jun. But how far are they allowed to go? Trying to pass the borders of their existence they try to find the truth... and their fate.
Can you decide on your own destiny?

“I’m still not sure if I understand it…” Yamapi mumbled when he handed the necklace back to Kimura.
“Maybe because there is not much to understand… maybe you have to feel it.” Kimura mused.
Pi sighed. “It’s… I mean… what’s happening!?”
“What did you see?” Kimura asked instead of answering the question. During the last days they had find out that that both of them saw different things when putting on the necklace.
Pi rubbed over his head. “I was in the other guy’s head again… that’s for sure.”
“Okay.” Kimura nodded his head. „So the necklace definitely doesn’t belong to its owner.“
“But what does that mean?”
Kimura smiled. “It’s simply something that generations of this family had believed in. The oldest son gets to wear the necklace. They didn’t understand its purpose. Maybe Jin understood more of it…because he gave the necklace away, feeling that it didn’t belong to him. That he would never be able to carry it correctly.”
Pi nodded earnestly. “You might be right. It fits what I have seen…“
“So what did you see?”
“I saw them as small children.” Pi explained. “Their mother told Jin something strange. To fight IT, the darkness inside him. But she didn’t say any more… she simply said he would know when the time was right. Then she gave Jin the necklace… and he said something strange. Like: It doesn’t belong to me. It doesn’t want me.”
“Good!” Kimura nodded his head in relief. “It means we are on the right path.”
“But what does that mean?” Pi asked carefully.
Kimura smiled. “You listened to the professor’s words, right?“
“Then you know what we are…”
Yamapi nodded his head. “We are originally knights of the Vampire Emperor.”
Kimura smiled. “Knights… It’s a nice way to express it. And yes, overall that’s right. So… don’t you think Jin might have sensed that when he saw you?”
“What?” Pi blinked, then his eyes widened. He recalled the other’s reactions and how he had treated him. The sudden change in his attitude. From the lost creature to the strong one again. Kimura was right! Yamapi was pretty sure that Jin had recognized him as one of those very few Hunters who still remembered their purpose. “Yes…” he admitted silently. “This definitely fits his attitude.”
“So…” Kimura smiled. “He gave you the necklace because he knew it wasn’t his. He couldn’t wear it properly.”
“But what did he win in giving it to me?”
“Well…” the older one sighed a bit. “I’m not entirely sure, but…”
“But?” Pi eyed his Sensei curiously.
“If my assumptions are correct, then…“ Kimura paused “Who made the necklace?“
“The Emperor to control his feelings.” Pi answered immediately.
“Yes and no.” Kimura smiled. “He made it for that purpose. But what if it was changed?”
“Eh?” Pi blinked. “You mean someone worked over it again? Secretly?“
“Yes. Why else wouldn’t Jin as the first-born son be the true owner of it? We already found out that it isn’t its purpose to control feelings…”
“Yes.” Pi answered silently. “It’s more like a door.“
Kimura frowned at that word, then his eyes widened. “A DOOR!”
“What?” Pi blinked in confusion, not sure what kind of amazing thing he had just said. Hence he only wondered about Kimura’s reaction. “What’s so special about that?”
“Where does the door lead us to?” Kimura asked instead of answering Pi’s question.
“Well…into the other Vampire’s mind. We already assumed that it’s his brother…” Pi mused.
Kimura smiled a bit. “Yes, we are getting into his mind. If we are right, we are in the younger brother’s mind. But the door we get through is not to him…”
“It’s to Jin.” Pi finally mumbled, then his eyes widened in surprise. “Oh my god.”
“It’s a door to the Emperor. The secret to break the curse is to make the older brother see through the younger brother’s eyes. It will stop him from killing his brother when the time comes… We just have to look for the right time” Pi blurt out. “He couldn’t do it by himself, because he is stuck too deep in this mess. But in the right hands the necklace opens up its real purpose. And we are the Empress’ knights! She made the necklace, so we are its true owners!”
A very rare proud smile appeared on Kimura’s face. “Now…” he stroked over Yamapi’s head. It was more like a fatherly gesture, and Pi had to smile about that secretly. “Now you are talking like a true Hunter, Tomohisa. Like a guy who had understood his purpose…and his destiny…”
The sound of bodies dropping to the floor, the gasping, the crying… the last breaths they were taking. It was echoing through the room. When Jun could grasp a tiny piece of will-power with all his remaining strength, pulling himself up. It saved him. While the others kept dying. In the end he hadn’t been able to save anyone. And when his feet carried him to the most precious room in his house, he felt his heart clenching, an unknown wrath and fear filling him.
“Jun?” her voice was merely a whisper.
Jun was at her side immediately. “Hold on, Naomi… I’ll save you.”
She smiled a bit at that. “You being here in this moment is more than I could ask for. I still can’t understand why you loved a simple woman like me…”
Jun pulled her into his arms carefully, getting up to carry her outside. To save her life. “Don’t talk now.” he told her softly. “You will be okay again.”
“I won’t.” she shook her head. “I won’t. This here is the end of my life.”
“It’s not.” Jun interrupted her fiercely.
She smiled absent-mindedly. “For all the things you have done for me… thanks the most for loving me.” She leaned hear head against his neck, feeling his strong heart-beat while hers was getting weaker and weaker. “Just promise me one thing…”
“What?” Jun asked sadly, realizing that there was no way to save her anymore. That the only way to show her his love and respect was to listen to her now, and let her rest in peace. “What do you want? I’ll do whatever you want…”
Her white fingers brushed through his hair softly. “Don’t take revenge. I don’t want to be the reason for the blood on your hands.”
Jun felt his body tensing up at this request, because this was going exactly against everything he had planned to do. “But…”
“I want you to fight for your own destiny and life… and not against others.” she told him, her voice getting more silent with every word she said. “Thanks for staying at my side till the end…”
And just like that she died.
A desperate voice drew him back from these memories. Jun opened his eyes, looking into the worried eyes of Sho. “What…”
“You were tossing around… as if you were in pain.” Sho explained, his face still looking full of concern.
Jun looked at him, still a bit absent-minded. For a moment he could see her in front of him again. Her smile, her way to talk, her soft words. It was so real that it almost broke him apart. Her words were in his mind right now… following him again. Did he fight? He didn’t take revenge… but did he fight for himself? He sighed a bit, for the first time looking at Sho directly. The latter blinked at that, confused by the honesty in Jun’s eyes. “Listen…” Jun’s voice sounded unusually silent. “I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to love someone again…”
“What?” Sho pressed out.
“You don’t need to waste your time with me. I won’t force you to stay here…” Jun looked at Sho insistently. “I can’t promise you love. It might never happen for me again.”
“Out of all the wonderful things growing on this earth I like the flowers the most.” Ryo mused while he was walking through the flower field with Takki.
Takki smiled a bit at that, stroking over Ryo’s face tenderly. “Me too.” he teased.
Ryo blushed a bit at that, but before he could turn around to let the other pulling him into his arms, his eyes widened. “Wait!” he whispered. He looked around, scanning the area desperately… his senses alarmed, his mind working almost on its own. He could feel it rushing through his body, a wave of adrenaline, fear and his almost animalistic instincts. The danger was approaching them, he could feel it with every string of his body. Why were they here? How did they find them? Ryo cursed himself for agreeing to go on this little trip with Takki. They were too far away from home, apparently close at a place where a bunch of hunters were residing. “Run!” he finally pressed out, taking Takki’s hand. “They are here…” He turned around, forcing Takki to run with him. “They won’t make an exception with you, though you are a Human. They don’t care. You are with me… this makes you different and guilty in their eyes.”
Takki’s eyes darkened for a moment, he felt unbelievably angry. Angry at these people who were hunting other creatures. Ryo had never done something to anyone. Why did they hunt him? He clung to Ryo’s hand, trying to gather all his strength to run as fast as possible. He couldn’t give up. They couldn’t give up.

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