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Hello everyone,

How are you doing?

My throat was hurting terribly during night and I didn't sleep much.
Unfortunately in my case a sore throat means that I will have fever in a few hours. High fever. Well that's how it normally is.
Well, we'll see. I still hope it's just a sore throat, but this would be the first time then that I don't get a fever after a sore throat. Well, whatever... I'm too tired, I'm not making any sense right now ^_^

Now this is particularly to romapi and sarahgoldenfish
I'm so sorry your birthday stories take me so long!!!!! Actually I'm half finished with both stories, but with my exams last week and me feeling sick since yesterday it might still take me a bit.

I have no idea what and when I will update this week. I actually planned to post Azure and Jade. As for the rest we'll see ^____^
Yesterday it was Monologue and Azure.

And I have a little Christmas surprise for Lori and Yuki. I actually also wanted to write something for laughingbottom, but with me being sick right now it might become a New Years Fic instead of a Christmas Fic. Sorry, dear.


Tags: rambling
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