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TakkiRyo One-shot

Title: Flapping Bird
Pairing: TakkiRyo
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, romance, bit angst, the hurt&comfort type of Fic

Dedicated: to sarahgoldenfish. Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!! ^____^
Summary: When they meet for the first time, Takki senses it immediately that Ryo is carrying a secret with himself. Just what it is it he won't share with anyone?
Note: Since it's a one-shot, the story doesn't go as much in depth as I wanted it to go. And I kept it a bit lighter ^_^ It's a birthday Fic after all XD

Hideaki-kun, thanks so much!” the old woman smiled brightly at Takki, when he handed her the shopping bags.

“Don’t mention it, Yamato-san.” Takki bowed politely.

“You are such a nice boy, always doing the grocery shopping for me.” she told him warmly. “Why don’t you come for dinner today? My grandchildren are there too… little Ako-chan is deeply in love with you.”

Takki laughed heartedly. The woman’s grandchildren were between 3-5 years old and for the little girl he was like a prince on the white horse. The kids’ parents were divorced. Yamato-san’s daughter was working the whole day, which made it difficult for her to support her mother. That was the reason why Takki helped her out whenever he had the time to do so. “Unfortunately, I can’t today.” he said reluctantly. “I have classes this evening.”

“Such a pity.” Yamato-san smiled a bit. “But you’ll come on Saturday for lunch, alright?”

“Thanks for your invitation.” Takki bowed politely. “I’ll come of course. I can’t disappoint Ako-chan.”

Five minutes later Takki was sitting on his bike, driving through the little town, up a hill. He stopped at the top of it, leaning his bicycle against a tree, and walking over a small path towards a small doghouse. He had built it up there, because the town’s only stray dog had gotten puppies and he wanted them to be safe.

But today when Takki reached the place he had prepared for the dogs, he found someone else there too. First he frowned, not wanting the dogs to be mistreated or in danger, but the guy lying in the middle of them, sleeping, didn’t seem up to something bad. Two of the puppies were even cuddling against him.

Takki smiled a bit at that picture, approaching the guy slowly. “Hey…” he said softly, to not scare him off.

When the guy opened his eyes, he stared at Takki fearfully first before he sighed in relief. He sat up, still looking a bit confused, before he grabbed one of the puppies, hugging it softly. “Hey.” he said shyly.

Takki laughed. “What are you doing here? Playing with the dogs?”

“Is that okay?”

“Of course.” Takki smiled. “What’s your name?”

Ryo wavered for a moment. “Ryo.” he simply said then, not mentioning a surname.

“Hi Ryo.” Takki grinned at the guy’s shyness. “I’m Takki.” He tilted his head a bit. “I think I saw you at school, am I right?”

“Yes, I’m in the last year of High School.” Ryo explained, wondering where Takki could have possibly seen him, because he for sure hadn’t seen Takki somewhere. He would have remembered him. Definitely. “I don’t know you…” he mused.

Takki smiled a bit. “I’m studying medicine and to gain some experience I work together with your school’s doctor…at your school.” He looked up a bit, watching the sky. “It’s already past 2 AM, I have a class in two hours…”

“WHAT!?” Ryo blurt out in sudden shock, jumping up in surprise. “THAT late!? Are you sure?”

Takki was stunned by this fierce reaction, so he merely nodded his head a bit. “Yes.”

“Damn!” Ryo cursed, grabbing his things as fast as possible.

“What’s wrong, Ryo-kun?” Takki asked carefully. “Do you have an appointment?”

For a moment Ryo looked at Takki through inscrutable eyes, something in his mind working on its own. Then he nodded his head, smiling a bit – almost as if he felt relieved that Takki gave him a reason. “Yes, an appointment.”

Takki frowned, when he saw how Ryo ran away from him. He shook his head in surprise. Why did Ryo feel the urge to lie to him? He angled for one of the puppies, brushing over its fur absent-mindedly. Ryo… Well, he would be able to check on him in school tomorrow.

“Ryo-kun?” the doctor mused, looking at Takki through questioning eyes. “There are a few boys with that name here.”

Takki smiled helplessly. “I'm sorry for asking. I just worried...”

The doctor laughed. “You are always worrying. About every student here.” he smiled. “You are helping every student. Really... it's good that you study medicine. This job is made for you.”

Takki blushed a bit. “Thanks.” he stuttered.

“So...” the doctor smiled a bit. “You are looking for a specific guy?”

“Yes.” Takki shrugged a bit. “I coincidentally met him yesterday. Something about him was strange.”

“Eh?” the other man blinked. “What was strange?”

“I'm not sure. I can't name it...” Takki mused. “It's a feeling...”

“How does he look like?” the doctor wanted to know.

“He is around my height. Dark hair, I mean really dark hair, dark eyes, they are almost black.” Takki almost blushed at this description because it sounded like the description a girl would make when having a crush on someone. But it wasn't like that for him, of course. He needed to describe Ryo properly and he could only do that by talking about his body features. “He is beautiful, but almost too thin.” Takki paused for a moment. “Oh.” he smiled a bit. “He has the brightest smile I've ever seen.”

The doctor laughed at Takki's last statement. “A bright smile?” He chuckled. “Nishikido-kun?”

Takki's eyes sparkled in relief when the doctor came up with a name. “Are you sure that's him?”

“Well, he fits your description.” the other man shrugged a bit. “But don't worry, he will come here for sure. Today or during one of the next days...”

“Why?” Takki asked in surprise. “Is he sick?”

“No, but apparently he is really clumsy.” the doctor sighed. “He always gets hurt.”

Takki shook his head a bit about this strange explanation, but his sensei had been at this school since years already. He for sure knew his students. Actually Takki hadn't really believed in what the doctor had told him, but when Ryo really came to the nursing room, he was even more surprised. “Ryo-kun?” he asked in surprise.

Ryo blinked a bit, then he blushed. “Oh, I forgot that you will be here.” He blushed even more after he had said these words, remembering that he didn't even greet the other properly. “I mean: Hello.”

Takki chuckled. “Hello.” he answered, then he looked at Ryo through questioning eyes. “So, why are you here?”

Ryo blushed a bit. “Sensei sent me here from our sport lessons, because I can't move my arm properly.”

“You hurt your arm?”

“Yes, I fell on my way to school...” Ryo told the other warily. “Here.” He took off his shirt, showing Takki some bruises on his upper arm. “And I think I hurt my shoulder…” he admitted. “I can’t move it properly.”

Takki looked at the boy in surprise, touching his shoulder slightly. When Ryo winced, he shook his head. “You sprained your shoulder?” He looked at him through questioning eyes. “You said you fell? You need to fall with a lot of pressure to hurt yourself like that.”

“I was running.” Ryo explained.

“So you fell to your shoulder and at the same time you bruised your arm?” Takki wanted to know, looking at Ryo skeptically.

The younger one blushed a bit. “I know… I’m so clumsy.”

Takki sighed a bit. He didn’t know why he felt so suspicious, it wasn’t a rational feeling at all and he couldn’t explain it. But it was a feeling, an instinct. He treated Ryo’s arm and shoulder, but before he sent him away again, he angled for a sheet of paper, scribbling something down there. “Here.” he said as casual as possible, not wanting to scare Ryo off. “If you ever need something, come to my place okay?”

Ryo stared at the paper. “Why? I don’t need anything.”

“Just in case.” Takki said randomly, well aware of the fact that he was doing something totally unusual here.

“You are living at the countryside.” Ryo stated out of the sudden, simply because he wasn't sure what else to say. He should have tossed this paper away immediately, he knew it, but somehow he couldn't. Something about Takki felt so warm, that it was a joy to be around him. Ryo sighed. A stupid feeling, he knew that, but he couldn't stop it from being there.

“Yes.” Takki smiled a bit. “But there is a bus driving to my place. It’s not far at all.” He shrugged a bit, still pretending that everything was perfectly fine.

“The puppies?” Ryo asked suddenly, totally surprising Takki with this question.

The latter smiled warmly. “They are alright. Unfortunately I can’t keep them at my place. It’s too small, but their mommy is like the town’s dog. So they are alright. No need to worry.”

“Maybe…” Ryo mumbled, avoiding Takki’s glances. “Maybe when I feel like visiting the puppies, I can also visit you?”

“Sure.” Takki’s heart jumped in relief. It felt like a little success he just had here.


“Really, Nishikawa-san, you should be more careful.” Takki complained, while he carried the shopping bags for the older man. “You just had your surgery at your knee, carrying such heavy stuff is not good.”

The man laughed. “You are just talking like my wife, Hideaki-kun.” He sighed. “But you know, I want her to rely on me, even when I’m sick or old…”

“Well then…” Takki mused. “Then, next time call me and I’ll help you.”

The man laughed. “You won’t tell her?”

Takki chuckled at that question. “I promise, I won’t.” He carried the bags till the door, then he let Nishikawa-san walk upstairs alone. He stretched tiredly when he walked to his own apartment. He had just had some difficult exams, besides that Ryo was still keeping his mind bothered. The boy hadn’t dropped by at his place, though he had been in the nursing room again for some bruises on his legs and some other weird injuries. Apparently he went playing baseball all weekend long.

Actually Takki didn’t know why he felt so suspicious, nothing about Ryo actually was hinting that something was off. Still, Takki couldn’t get rid of this feeling. It was ridiculous, but he just couldn’t help himself from caring. Even if it would bring him into troubles, he couldn’t stop.

He had invited Ryo out for lunch a few times, keeping the talk as casual as possible, because he wanted to gain the boy’s trust and not to scare him away. Actually the school’s doctor was already laughing about him: You didn’t tell me that you have a crush on him, Takizawa-kun. He had teased. But it’s okay… you are a student, you are allowed to like him.

Takki yawned tiredly when he switched off the TV and went to bed. The last week had been full of exams and now he was glad about some free time. He wanted to go to bed early, not only because he was really tired, but also because he wanted to look after the puppies tomorrow and grab a good book and finally spend a day alone and relaxed.

Takki sighed happily when he snuggled to his pillow, slowly drifting to sleep. He hadn’t expected it at all, the more he was surprised that there was suddenly his door bell ringing. A glance at his watch told him that it was 11 PM. A bit too late for a casual visitor. Something inside Takki’s stomach started to twist and pull, both in expectance and nervousness, as he angled for his bathrobe and rushed towards the door. When he opened it, he was looking directly into two dark eyes.

“Ryo-kun.” He smiled, trying not to look too shocked by the other’s appearance.

“I…” Ryo stuttered. “I wanted to look after the puppies.”

“Ah, I understand.” Again Takki pretended not to feel suspicious about why someone would go and play with some puppies in the middle of the night. “And then?”

“I fell from my bicycle.” Ryo explained lamely.

“Ah, I understand” Takki nodded his head, though he couldn’t help a frown when he saw Ryo’s bloody lip. “How did that happen?”

“I bit on my lip when I fell down.” Ryo explained.

Takki sighed a bit. Really, this kid never went out of excuses. He forced a smile to his lips. “Come in.”

Ryo wavered, peeking into the apartment, then he blushed out of a sudden. “You were sleeping, right?”

Takki laughed a bit. “Now you are suddenly feeling shy?” He grinned, grabbing Ryo’s arm and pulling him along. “Don’t be ridiculous. I was about to make a movies-night. But alone it’s a bit boring, so it’s good that you dropped by.”

“Really?” Ryo asked carefully.

“Sure.” Takki smiled a bit, secretly feeling really relieved that he still had so many leftovers from last week’s party with some of his friends. “I even have popcorn.”

Ryo grinned a bit. “Great.”

“But first…” Takki smirked, forcing Ryo to sit down on the sofa.


“Your face.” With that Takki hurried to the bathroom, grabbing his first-aid kid and some other stuff, before he sat down next to Ryo.

“You have to be kidding me.” Ryo mumbled when he saw all the stuff Takki brought along.

“Hey, I’m studying medicine after all. You think I’m not prepared?”

“No, apparently you are prepared for the worst case.” Ryo giggled. “Let’s say if Zombies invade our country and we are all suffering, I’m sure you would be able to look after whole Japan. You could be the country’s nurse” He glared when Takki smacked him. “What was that for?”

Takki chuckled a bit at that. “I didn’t know you were such a tease.”

“I’m not a tease!”

“No, you are right." Takki smiled brightly. "You are a snarky brat.”

Ryo glared. “Want me to leave?” he threatened the other.

“No.” Takki hid a laugh.  “You’ll stay here. Watching movies alone is boring. I will feel lonely if you leave...”

“Well, then…If you want it that much…” Ryo mused. “I’ll stay.” he added generously.

Takki smiled a bit at that, but didn’t say anything else. Instead he angled for some cotton pads and his disinfection spray and started to clean Ryo’s bruises. No sound came over Ryo’s lips and Takki had to grin a bit. .Proud little idiot. But when Takki removed his first-aid kid and prepared some popcorn for them, he wavered a bit. Should he ask? Just how? It wasn’t like he was afraid or too shy to ask, but he feared that Ryo would run then. And he didn’t want him to run. He wanted him to be save and with him.

“Which movie are you watching right now?” Ryo interrupted Takki’s thoughts.

“Silent Hill.” Takki answered, before a wicked grin appeared on his face. “But you need to be 16 for that movie.”

“I AM ALMOST 18!!” Ryo blurt out angrily.

“Really?” Takki mused, pretending to be surprise. “You look a bit like 15.”

“You know I am graduating this year!” Ryo yelled. “Do I look like some sort of genius-kid who graduates with 15?”

“No.” Takki teased. “You are too naïve for that…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ryo grumbled.

“Nothing.” Takki chuckled. “I’m sorry, but it’s fun teasing you.”

“Eh?” Ryo blushed a bit. “You were joking?”

“Yes.” Takki handed a bowl of popcorn to Ryo before the younger one could complain or get angry. “You are kinda cute when being angry.” To Takki’s surprise Ryo didn’t get mad at that. The boy merely blushed.

“Don’t talk such embarrassing nonsense.” he stuttered.

Takki poked the other’s warm cheeks. “Okay.” He smiled. “So you wanna see Silent Hill?”

“Sure.” Ryo answered, glad that he didn’t need to argue with Takki anymore. He wasn’t good at such things at all.

They stayed quiet while watching the movie, eating their popcorn and some other way too unhealthy food. At one point Ryo bravely announced that the movie was really boring and not scary at all, though he secretly clung to his pillow, wincing everytime when something unexpected happened. Takki on the other hand was trying his best to stay cool and calm, though he was scared like crazy. When the music of the movie got scary and nerve-wracking again, signalizing that something bad would happen soon, Takki decided he should distract himself.

“Hey, Ryo-chan?”

“Hm?” Ryo didn’t even react to the intimate way Takki had called him. He felt way too good and warm here.

“You are living with your parents?” Takki asked randomly. “I just realized I know nothing about you.”

“I’m living with my father.” Ryo explained.

“I understand.” Takki wavered for a moment, but when his gaze shifted towards Ryo’s face again, eyeing the bruises on his lips and cheek, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He had hold back way too long now, this here was his limit. “Does he beat you?” he asked silently.

Ryo stayed quiet in shock for a moment, before he opened his lips, wanting to say something. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t lie to Takki. Hence he jumped up, bowing a bit. “I think it’s better if I go now…” With that he hurried out of the apartment, away from Takki.

Takki blinked in confusion, not able to grasp what just happened. Then he was up his feet immediately, hurrying after the younger one.

For a moment he thought that Ryo was already far away on his bicycle but when Takki rushed through the street, his flashlight caught a small frame sitting on the ground, the bicycle right next to him. “Ryo?”

“I fell…” Ryo mumbled. “One of the wheels is broken”

Takki smiled a bit. “You really are something.”

“I wanted to take the bus, but I have no money with me.” The younger one grumbled. “You won’t borrow me something, right?”

“Nope, I won’t.” Takki smiled softly. “Let’s go back, okay?”

“It’s not like I have a choice.” Ryo mumbled.

“Are you hurt?” Takki asked when he helped Ryo to get up again.

“No, I’m okay.”

“Alright, I’ll check on you at home.” Takki told the younger one, ignoring his previous statement that he was okay.

This time when they were sitting on Takki’s sofa, while Takki was disinfecting the wound on Ryo’s knee, Ryo winced visibly. “I’m sorry.” Takki smiled warmly. “It’s over soon, I promise.” When he was done, Takki removed his first-aid kid again, before he looked at Ryo, asking the same question he had asked two hours before. “Does he beat you?”

Ryo stayed quiet, not looking at Takki directly, but at the spot between his ear and cheek. It would have been easy to lie to Takki, but somehow he couldn’t. Actually his honest answer surprised Ryo more than it surprised Takki. “Just when he is drunk.” He paused. “And sometimes he hits me when he isn’t drunk…” he added silently.

Takki looked at Ryo in shock. He had expected something like that from the first day he had met Ryo, but still, hearing it was something else. “I…”

“You don’t need to say anything.” Ryo interrupted him. “It’s okay.”

“It’s obviously not okay!” Takki argued. He took Ryo’s hand to signalize him that he was safe here and that he wouldn’t let him down. “What’s with your mother, Ryo? Can’t you live with her?”

“She doesn’t want me.” Ryo admitted silently.

Takki winced a bit at that. “Any other relatives?”

“No, unfortunately not.”

Takki took a deep breath. “You don’t need to go through this, you know?”

Ryo pulled his hand away, turning away from Takki. “It’s only two months.”


“Two months and I graduate.” Ryo explained silently. “I just need to make it through two more months, then I’m free.”

“But also these two months, you don’t have to bear.” Takki said softly.

Ryo stayed quiet for a moment. “I’ll go through them. It’s only two months. It’s nothing compared to the last years.”

Takki sighed, but something in Ryo’s voice told him that there was no use in digging any deeper into him. If he would push it too far, Ryo would most likely close up and don’t ask him for help anymore. And then if he really needed something, he would be all alone. So Takki decided to be patient and watch out for Ryo while he was still in his destructive and abusive home-life. “Okay.” Takki sighed. “I’m not happy with it. But…” he smiled. “I’m here, okay? If you need something, I’m here.”

“Okay…” Ryo agreed.

Takki smiled a bit at that, wrapping his arms around the other’s neck to hug him tightly. “Promise me you will tell me if it’s getting too much for you…”

Ryo blushed a bit. “Okay.” he stuttered.

Takki sighed in relief, letting go of the other. When he saw Ryo’s embarrassed expression, he had to chuckle a bit. So what? Maybe the doctor was right and he did have a crush on Ryo. But who cared? He put his arm around the younger one’s shoulders, pulling him a bit closer, glad that Ryo didn’t move away from his touches.

Truth was that in the end Takki was the one who was surprised the most. Not the school’s doctor, whom he talked to afterwards, or Ryo. It was him who hadn’t believed that Ryo would really fulfill his promise. It was nothing unusual that Ryo dropped by at his place. So also this time, Takki smiled happily at him, hugged him tightly and kissed the other softly. That was when he saw the bag in Ryo’s hand.


Ryo blushed a bit, looking away from Takki and at the wall. “I don’t want to anymore… I don’t want to go back.”

Takki stared at Ryo in disbelief and surprise, before his heart jumped a bit in relief and delight. So Ryo had listened to him? He had thought about what they had talked about three weeks ago? And now he was here… “I’m so glad you decided that way.” Takki said softly, brushing over Ryo’s hair. Then he wavered a bit. “Does he know?” he asked carefully, not wanting them to do something against the law. And running away wasn’t exactly the best way. Actually Takki was already prepared to fight for Ryo or call the youth welfare office. The more he was surprised by Ryo’s answer. “He knows.”

Takki blinked. “And he is okay with it?”

Ryo smiled almost bitterly. “He doesn’t want any fuss or problems. He will pay for my education… He doesn’t need any bad reputation.”

Takki stared at Ryo in disbelief. “What? What is your father doing?”

“He is a doctor.” Ryo explained.

Takki breathed in sharply. Impossible! How could someone who swore to protect people’s life, do something like that to his own son? “I… that’s the worst.”

Ryo smiled a bit. “Being like him… It’s not only poor families that suffer from such guys… It doesn’t depend on social status, you know?”

“I understand.” Takki took Ryo’s bag, carrying it into his apartment. “You will stay here, right?” It was rather a conclusion than a question and Ryo smiled thankfully at that.

It was later when they sat down on the sofa that Takki realized Ryo’s sad eyes. Leaving family, no matter what kind of family it was, was always sad, but no matter what…he would give this boy a new family. He wrapped his arms around Ryo’s waist, pulling him closer. “I have the second part of Silent Hill here.”

“Really?” Ryo asked in slight interest. “But the first one was so boring…”

Takki chuckled a bit. “Wanna watch it?”

Ryo nodded his head, blinking in surprise when Takki suddenly hugged him. He hadn’t even realized that he started to cry. After a moment he smiled a bit, deciding to take the chance to a better future. “Sure.”


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